Understanding Health Ratings

Health ratings describe the overall health of replica sets, replica members, and inbound and outbound connections. Health ratings are shown on the Health tab and Summary tab and use different icons in the following colors:

Ultrasound provides default health ratings based on metrics that typically indicate warning or error conditions in most replica sets. For example, if Ultrasound detects that the system clock is moved ahead on one replica member, that member can no longer replicate files until the clock is corrected. In this situation, an alert is triggered and the health of the individual replica member turns to red to indicate a critical error that has caused replication to stop. In other situations where replication is still working but there is a potential problem that needs to be monitored, such as a backlog of files on a particular connection, an alert is triggered and that connection might turn yellow to indicate a warning condition.

The default health metrics will likely work well in small or medium organizations and do not need to be modified. However, in large organizations, especially in organizations where administrators are experts in managing FRS in their environment, administrators might want to customize health metrics to fine-tune when health ratings change from one status to another, specify which conditions trigger alerts and notifications, and so on. For more information, see Customizing Row Filters and Customizing Health Metrics.