Gathering files
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Ideally, we would like two types of files to be supplied with your trouble ticket.
1. Trace files recording the failing situation on your computer  
2. A ZIP of your Thinstall project as produced by Setup Capture (you do not need to include the bin directory)  
Producing a Trace Files
Trace files record everything the application does and can often help us pinpoint problems without needing to reproduce the issue here.  
How to produce a trace file:  
- Before executing your Thinstalled application, please execute the program Log Monitor. If you are testing your virtualized app on another PC, Log monitor can be run from a network share without installation.  
- Run your Thinstalled app until it fails or operates differently from the native version. At this point use the task manager to kill the application if a error message has appeared. By terminating the application soon after the error occurs, it limits the amount of extra information that needs to be recorded and sifted.  
Special Note: Many applications will have sub-processes that they execute. Thinstall will create one .trace for each process executed. You should include all .trace files in the ZIP file uploaded with your trouble ticket.  
ZIP'ing your Thinstall project files
We would like to be able to reproduce the problem here. To do this we will need a ZIP of your Thinstall package and detailed instructions on what to do if the problem does not occur on immediate startup. You can attach the ZIP file to your support ticket using the web interface or upload it using ftp to (user/pass = thinstall/thinstall). When creating the ZIP file, we do not need the "bin" directory since that is easy to recreate here, but we do need the project files produced by SetupCapture.  
If you can't send us the package files, the trace often provides enough clues to determine what is happening. A few common reasons people are not able to send us their captured package files:  
- Package files contain confidential information  
- Application requires a server component and the error does not occur until after connecting to the server