FTP upload
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Note: if your a sending relatively small files to us (<10MB), you do not need to ftp them, the files can be attached directly to your trouble ticket using our web interface.

To upload files to Thinstall, you can ftp to thinstall.com

username = thinstall
password = thinstall

Thinstall's FTP site is write-only so other internet users will not be able to access your files.

Because anyone can upload a file, there is no easy way for us to know which files uploaded correspond to your ticket. Please update your support ticket with the filename you used after the upload completes. If you update the ticket before the upload completes we can start using an incomplete file. If you don't update your ticket, we will probably not be aware of the file you uploaded.

If you are unfamaliar with FTP, we recommend a client like Filezilla.

Filezilla screenshot