The System Tray Icon Menu

Click the TAM E-SSO Tray Icon in your Windows system tray to display a shortcut menu of program functions.


System Tray Menu Options


Displays a submenu of program controls and options:





Shut Down

Shuts down the program.






Turns off TAM E-SSO logons, including the Auto-Prompt and Auto-Recognize features, and the Logon using TAM E-SSO menu option, below.






Displays this online help.






Displays version information about the program.





Logon using TAM E-SSO

Engages TAM E-SSO to supply information to a logon request. You can use this option to engage TAM E-SSO when Auto-Recognize is turned off.

Tip: If Auto-Recognize is enabled, TAM E-SSO automatically recognizes logon requests and supplies your stored logon information.

If you have not already set up the application or Web site logon, TAM E-SSO prompts you to do so.


Shutting Down TAM E-SSO

To shut down TAM E-SSO, click the Tray Icon and select Shutdown from the shortcut menu.