Changing Your Primary Logon Method

You can change your primary logon method at any time, and you can install or remove authenticators as needed.

To change your primary logon method

  1. Click the TAM E-SSO Tray Icon image\productIcon.gif on the Windows system tray to display the shortcut menu. Point to Configuration, then click Change Logon Method.

  2. The Setup Wizard appears with a list of steps you'll follow to change your primary logon. Click [Next>] to continue.

  1. You are prompted for your current primary logon. Enter your primary logon password, then click [OK].

  2. The Setup Wizard displays the primary logon selection page. Select a primary logon method from the drop-down list box, then click [Next] to continue.

  1. You are prompted for your new primary logon credentials. Type your user ID and password, enter or select any additional information, then click [OK].

Note: If your new primary logon is a smart card, you are prompted to insert the card into the reader and enter your personal identification number (PIN). If your new primary logon is a biometric device, you are prompted to place your finger on the fingerprint reader.

  1. The Setup Wizard displays a message that your new authentication is successful. You can either:

  2. Click [Cancel] to cancel the change and restore your previous primary logon method.

  3. Click [Finish] to complete your primary logon change. The Primary Logon Method dialog box appears. Click [Close] to close it.

Confirming Your Primary Logon Method

TAM E-SSO can be configured to periodically check to make sure that you are the same user who initially logged on to this workstation.

When you start a password-protected application, if a specific interval of time has passed since the last automatic logon (the default is 15 minutes), TAM E-SSO asks for your primary logon password. If you are using a logon method other than a password (smart card, token, biometric) as your primary logon, you are prompted for the appropriate authentication method (PIN, fingerprint, etc.).

TAM E-SSO also automatically performs this check when you modify your application passwords, perform other logon management tasks, or if the application logon itself requires it.

You can change the interval, or turn this feature off, by changing the Timer setting in the Logons tab of the Settings dialog box.



Depending on which primary logon you use and the settings your SSO administrator applies, you may be prompted for the passphrase answer you provided when you first set up TAM E-SSO.

If are using a passphrase, you have the option of changing your passphrase answer. To do this, select the I want to change the answer to my verification question checkbox.