Setting Up Logons using Auto-Prompt

To begin using Auto-Prompt, make certain that the feature is activated within Settings:

  1. Click the TAM E-SSO Tray Icon image\productIcon.gif on the Windows system tray to display the shortcut menu.

  2. Point to Configuration, then click Settings.

  3. Click the Password tab and make sure that the Auto-Prompt check box is selected. If not, select it, then click [OK].

  4. image\netAdmSm.gif

    The Auto-Prompt feature is enabled by default upon installing TAM E-SSO . Your SSO administrator may enable or disable Auto-Prompt for all users.



Let's say you've enabled the Auto-Prompt feature and you open the logon screen for an Application or Web site for which you have not set up a logon.


TAM E-SSO prompts you to set up a logon for this application or Web site with this message:


Would you like TAM E-SSO to remember your logon information for this application?

You can re-enable this application by selecting "Logon using TAM E-SSO" from the TAM E-SSO tray icon.


You have these options:



You can also tell TAM E-SSO to set a up a logon by holding down the Windows key and typing L (on non-Windows XP systems only).

If the target application requires more than two fields for authentication, this procedure requires SSO administrator resources. Contact your SSO administrator for assistance.


If you click [Yes], the New Logon dialog appears, prompting you to set up a new logon for this application or Web site.

Enter your username/ID, enter your password, and confirm your password. Click [Finish].

TAM E-SSO logs you on to the application or Web site and stores this new logon for future use.