Settings dialog box: Passwords tab

The Passwords tab of the Settings dialog lets you control TAM E-SSO password features.


Your SSO administrator may enable, disable or override any of the settings described below.


Password Settings



Select the Auto-Prompt check box to have TAM E-SSO automatically recognize password-protected applications and Web sites, and prompt you with the message, "Would you like TAM E-SSO to remember your logon information for this application?"




Select the Auto-Enter check box to have TAM E-SSO immediately enter an application or Web site once you have set up a logon for that application or Web site.


To view or modify password settings

  1. Click the TAM E-SSO Tray Icon image\productIcon.gif on the Windows system tray to display the shortcut menu. Point to Configuration, then click Settings. The Settings dialog appears.

  2. On the Settings dialog, click the Password tab to display the password settings.

  3. When you have completed your changes, do one of the following: