New Logon dialog box

The following procedures describe how to use the New Logon dialog box to add logons for each application type.


The procedure is similar for each type. You identify the application and then provide your credentials - username/ID, password, and any other information the application requires you to enter.


If you add a logon for a Windows application that TAM E-SSO is not pre-configured for, you are asked to identify the username/ID and password fields by pointing and clicking on the logon fields.


You are also given the option to create more than one logon for a single application. This is useful for applications for which you have more than one set of credentials; for example, if you have multiple email accounts from one provider.


When TAM E-SSO detects a logon for which you have more than one credential set, it displays the Logon Chooser dialog box, which lets you select the credentials to use.