Settings dialog box: Excluded Web Sites tab

The Excluded Web Sites tab of the Settings dialog lets you review and restore Auto-Prompt capability for Web site logons that you have previously told TAM E-SSO to ignore.


When you visit a password-protected Web site that you don't have a TAM E-SSO logon for, TAM E-SSO asks you if you want to create a new logon and gives you the choices:



To restore Auto-Prompt for an excluded Web site

  1. Click the TAM E-SSO Tray Icon image\productIcon.gif on the Windows system tray to display the shortcut menu.

  2. Point to Configuration, then click Settings.

  3. Click the Excluded Web Sites tab to view the list of sites that TAM E-SSO is currently set to ignore.

  4. Click to clear the check boxes of the Web sites for which you want Auto-Prompt restored, then click [OK].

The next time you visit the logon page of Web site(s) that you cleared, TAM E-SSO will ask if you want to create a logon.