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Scheduling Reports
You can create a schedule to run reports. Once you have created the schedule, you can add reports, and set the parameters for the reports. When you are deciding how often to run your reports, make sure you understand how often the data on which you are reporting is collected. Your reporting interval needs to be at least the size of the data collection interval, or there will not be any new information in the reports. See Running Reports for more information on data freshness.
When you add a report to a schedule, a link is maintained between the originating report and the scheduled version. Any changes to the report definition and layout will be reflected in all scheduled versions. The originating report path is indicated on the scheduled report card.
You can add the same report to a single schedule more than once, or to different schedules. This allows you to schedule different versions of the report by providing different parameter values. In order to help you keep track of the various versions, you can provide a description of the parameter values. This description also appears on the scheduled report card. Figure 2 shows this information on the scheduled report card.
A scheduled report card