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Adding Reports to a Schedule
You can add many reports to a schedule, and you can add a report to as many schedules as you like. You can only add reports from My Reports, so you may need to copy reports from your other containers first. For more information, see Copying Reports. Once you add a report, you can enter the parameter values that will be used to generate the report. If you do not enter parameter values, the report contains all available data.
To add reports to your schedule
Click OK.
A scheduled report card appears for each selected report.
If there is a search icon, click and search for the value. For more information, see Searching for Parameter Values.
Use a description that identifies the data that will be included in the report.
Click Save.
If you do not click Save, and navigate away from the scheduled report card, no parameter values will be saved. In this case, your report returns all data, and may take longer to generate.