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Creating a Schedule
The first step in scheduling reports is to create a schedule. One schedule can be used for many reports. Reports are deposited in a file share you specify. Additionally you can choose to email a copy of the report to selected users.
To create a schedule
If the account you want is not on the list, click Add and enter the account, then select it from the list. For more information, see “Using the Credential Manager” on page 58.
If you are typing, use the form \\servername\share.
You can filter in the browser to make it easier to locate a particular share.
For more information on these formats, see Exporting a Report to Other Formats. Not all formats are available for scheduled reports.
To email a copy of the report, select Send Email and enter the To and From details. Optionally, modify the Subject and Body of the email message.
For more information on setup and configuration, see Delivering Scheduled Reports by Email. For more information on customizing the message, see Modifying Scheduled Email Messages.
Click OK.
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