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Running Reports
When you run a report, it returns data based on the most recent data collected by the discoveries, the selected fields, defined parameters, and any parameter values you enter. Some reports may have required parameters; in this case, the report will not run unless you enter valid parameter values. The figure below outlines the source of the data for your report.
Because you are running reports on previously collected data, it may be important to understand the age of the data. Data may come from different discoveries, which were run at different times. Users of the Report Manager may not be aware of when and in what configuration data was collected, as discoveries are administered in the Configuration Manager.
For example, in the diagram above, the generated report relies on data collected by three different discoveries, with different ages of data. If it is important to know how fresh data is, you can add a timestamp to your report. For more information, see Indicating Data Age on a Report.
When reports contain date and time values, they are always expressed in the local time zone of the console where the report was generated. You can display this time zone on the report by modifying its layout. For more information, see Changing the Layout.
For more information on collecting data, see the Quest Enterprise Reporter Configuration Manager User Guide.
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