Options for managing Pocket PC devices with the Pocket PC Administrator's Toolkit

The Agent for Pocket PC is an agent that you install on a Pocket PC 2003 device. The agent interacts with the Symantec LiveState Configuration Server to install packages.

Installing the Agent for Pocket PC

The Agent for Pocket PC can be installed on the Pocket PC using any of the following methods:

After the agent is installed you can assign packages to the Pocket PC device.

ActiveSync Connection

This method requires an ActiveSync connection between the Pocket PC device and a computer. The administrator installs the Symantec LiveState Delivery Agent Manager for Pocket PC on the computer, then uses it to install the Agent for Pocket PC on each Pocket PC device.

Autointegration, which is activated by default, allows you to automatically add the managed devices into the Symantec LiveState Configuration Database.

Removable Storage Card

This method can be used in a wireless environment, without the use of ActiveSync or cradles. You can use this method to provision new devices, or for disaster recovery.

The administrator sets up a storage card using utilities provided in the toolkit, specifying configuration settings for the device to be managed.

When the Pocket PC user inserts the storage card in the device, the agent is installed. The agent starts, connects to the Symantec LiveState Configuration Server, and adds the device to the database. If the device is hard reset, or the agent is otherwise removed from the device, the agent will be restored as soon as the device is powered up again.

See Using a Storage Card for more information.

Internet Download

This method does not require an ActiveSync connection or cradles. It can be used to provision Pocket PCs in a wireless environment.

With this method, the administrator creates a file that can be downloaded using a Web Browser such as Pocket Internet Explorer. When the Pocket PC user downloads and opens the file, the file installs the Agent for Pocket PC, the device incorporates itself into the database, and the agent polls the server regularly for jobs to execute.  

See Installing the Agent for Pocket PC from a Web Browser for more information.

Assigning Packages to the Pocket PC Device

After the agent is installed and the Pocket PC device is added to the database, you can assign packages using the Command Center or Web Admin, using the same methods as when assigning packages to managed computers.

In addition, the removable storage card and Internet download methods allow you to preassign jobs to the Pocket PC. These jobs will be automatically deployed after the agent connects to the database.

See Pre-Assigning Jobs to the Pocket PC for more information.