Using a downloaded file to install the Agent for Pocket PC

For this method of installing the Agent for Pocket PC, the administrator uses the CabGen utility to generate a file and place it on a directory that can be accessed from a Web server. An ActiveSync connection is not required.

When the Pocket PC user downloads and opens the file, the Agent for Pocket PC is installed on the device. The agent is configured to do all of the following:

Typically, you configure the agent before running the CabGen utility. However, after the agent is installed, you can configure the agent settings by using the Agent Manager for Pocket PC on the device. You can also use the remote Agent Manager for Pocket PC from a management station that has an ActiveSync partnership with the device.

The CabGen utility is provided with the Pocket PC Administrator's Toolkit.

How to...

Set up a downloadable file to install the agent

Pre-assign jobs to the Pocket PC device that will execute after the agent is installed and started.

Provide instructions for Pocket PC users

Remove an agent installed by Web download