Using a storage card to install the Agent for Pocket PC

Using a storage card provides an effective means of doing initial provisioning of devices, or disaster recovery, in a wireless environment. This method has no dependency on cradles or the use of ActiveSync.

The administrator uses the AutoRun utility to produce files that are copied to a storage card.  When the card is inserted into a device (or when the device is soft or hard reset),  the device is checked for the existence of an agent. If no agent is found, one is installed, activated, and started. If desired, the administrator can also set up the storage card so that it automatically configures the Pocket PC before running the agent.

How to..

Set up a storage card

Automate the configuration of the Pocket PC from the storage card

Pre-assign jobs to the Pocket PC that will execute after the agent is installed and started.

Remove an Agent installed from a storage card