Installing the Agent for Pocket PC via an ActiveSync connection

This procedure requires an ActiveSync connection between the computer and the Pocket PC device. It assumes that the Agent Manager for Pocket PC is installed.

Perform this procedure at the computer, with the Pocket PC device in the cradle.

To install the Agent for Pocket PC on a target device:

  1. Set the Pocket PC identification variables.

  2. In the Windows Explorer, double-click AgentMgr.exe.

  3. Click Install.

The Installation parameters dialog box appears.

  1. Set the following parameters:



Installation directory

The installation directory of the Agent on the target Pocket PC device.

The default value is /Program Files/ON Technology/iCommand.

Server name

The name of the Symantec LiveState Configuration Server. Optional

Server address

The IP address of the Symantec LiveState Configuration Server.  

The default value is the IP address of the computer you are using.

Use encrypted communications

Encrypts files with SSL during transfers.

Server port

The port on the Symantec LiveState Configuration Server with which the agent communicates.

The default value is 8080.

  1. Click OK.

  2. The Agent Manager dialog box appears asking if you want to activate the agent. Select the appropriate option:




The agent immediately activates, and the device is automatically integrated in the database. This is the recommended option.


The agent does not activate. You must activate it manually.