Problem Area: Tail of Windows Event Log

This home-level workspace report displays the tail (last 10 records) of the Windows Event Log for a device group. Placing this workspace report in a workspace grants visual access to Windows events for a particular device group. For more information, this workspace report has been linked to the Windows Event Log, which shows Windows events logged for the selected group during the time period displayed at the bottom of the report.

Note: In order for entries to be added to this report, the Windows Event Log listener must be enabled. For more information on the Windows Event Log listener, see Enabling the Windows Event Log Listener.

To configure this workspace report:

  1. On the workspace report page, click Menu > Configure.
  2. Enter the appropriate information.
    • Report name. Enter a title for the workspace report.
    • Maximum rows to return. Enter the number of records you would like displayed in the workspace report.
    • Column 2 width. Enter a width for the Device column in pixels.
    • Column 4 width. Enter a width for the Payload column in pixels.
  3. Click OK to save changes.

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