Workspace Overview

The WhatsUp Gold Home workspace is the first screen you see after logging in to the web interface. This is your personal, customizable Home workspace.

Workspaces in WhatsUp Gold are designed to be user-specific, and are configurable to include workspace reports specific to users' needs. Workspaces contain multiple views that let you organize workspace reports by the type of information they display. When you begin customizing your workspace views, you should consider the types of information you need to view most often, the devices in which you need to pay closest attention, and what level of detail you want to monitor through a particular Workspace View. You should also take into consideration the type of workspace, and the types of workspace reports you can add.

Device and Home workspaces

Device workspaces are limited to display only Device-level workspace reports. Only workspace reports specific to a single device can be placed on a device workspace. When you change the device-in-context, the reports displayed show data corresponding to the newly selected device.

Home workspaces can display both Home and Device workspace reports. You can place any workspace report on a home workspace, mixing and matching summary, group, and device specific data.

Changes that you make to a workspace view only affect your user account. If you decide to completely change all of the workspace views under your account, your user account will be the only account affected by these changes.

WhatsUp Gold includes three workspace types that you can manage to display information the way that suits your personal network monitoring needs.

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