Restore icons

On the left side of the Restore window, an icon toolbar provides shortcuts to the equivalent menu bar commands.

Moving the cursor over an icon displays the icon function.

Table: Restore icons describes each restore icon function.

Table: Restore icons



Search for items to restore

Click to open the Search Backups dialog box.

See Search Backups dialog box.

Start Restore of Marked Files

Click to open the Restore Marked Files dialog box.

See Restore Marked Files dialog box.

Refresh the list for the selected directory

Click to refresh the list of backup images where you select the files to restore.

Unmark All Previously Marked Files

Click to unmark all items in both panes of the Backup window that are marked for backup. You can also unmark all marked files by selecting Unmark All from the Edit menu..

Preview List of Marked Files

Click to open the Preview List dialog box to view all files that are marked for restore.

You can also preview items by selecting Edit > Preview List of Marked Files.

Preview Media Required for Restore

Click to open the Media Required dialog box to view a list of required media to restore the marked items.

You can also preview the media by selecting Actions > Preview Media.

Show All Backups of Files

Shows all instances of the files, folders, or registry keys in the currently selected image(s). You can also show all instances by selecting Show All Backups on the View menu.

Show Most Recent Backup of Files

Shows the most recent backup of files, folders, or registry keys in the selected backup images. You can also show the most recent by selecting Show Most Recent Backup on the View menu.