Search Backups dialog box

Use this dialog box to search for files and diretories (folders) to restore.

To open the Search Backups dialog box

  1. Open a Restore window (click File > Select Files and Folders to Restore, then select a restore type).

  2. On the Actions menu, click Search Backups.

  3. Select from the following options to enter search criteria:

    Search Folder

    Enter the name of the file or directory (folder) you wan to find.

    In the All Folders pane, NetBackup highlights the folder where the specified files were found.

    The default entry is :\. If you click a directory icon or its associated name (not the check box) in the Restore window, that path replaces the default.

    You can search by the following methods:

    • Enter a full path name

      NetBackup searches for the specific path and file in the selected backup images.

    • Enter a specific file name

      NetBackup searches for the specific file in the selected backup images.

    • Add a * or a ? wildcard to the entry

      If you do not know the exact directory (folder) or file name, add one of these wildcards to the string. For example, enter *.doc to search for all files that end with that suffix.

    Perform case-insensitive search

    Select this option to perform a search that ignores uppercase characters in the Search Folder field.

    Keyword Phrase (optional)

    If the backup you are searching for was created with an associated keyword phrase, enter that text in this field.

    Start Date

    End Date

    Select a Start Date and the End Date range. The Start Date and End Date show the range of backups that NetBackup searches. By default, the start date is the time of the last full backup. The end date is the time of the most recent backup.

    To change either date, click in the date field and select a backup image date from the list that appears.

    If you change either date, NetBackup clears all previous restore selections.


    Click to start the search based on the criteria that you entered.

    The Restore window shows the directories that match the search criteria.


    Cancels the search and closes the dialog box.

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