Setting up tasks

A task is a set of instructions carried out by the Symantec Ghost Console, applied to one or more client computers. A task may contain one or more steps.

Table 3-1 lists the available task steps.

Table 3-1 Task steps
Task step
Restores a specified image file onto a client computer, or group of computers.
Applies the specified configuration settings to the client computers.
Refresh Configuration
Reads the configuration from client computers and updates their default configuration settings in the Console.
There are no properties to set.
Refresh Inventory
Gathers inventory information from client computers and updates the Inventory database on the Console server.
There are no properties to set.
Move the User: Create
Captures user settings from client computers and stores them in user packages.
Move the User: Restore
Restores user settings from user packages to client computers.
Deploy AI packages
Lists the AutoInstall packages to be installed or uninstalled on client computers, and lets you set the action to take if a deployment fails.
Transfer Files
Lists the files to be copied onto the client computers.
Execute Command
Executes the specified command on the client computers.