Setting File Transfer properties

You can transfer files from the Symantec Ghost Console server to the operating system or the Ghost partition of the client computer. The target is selected on a file-by-file basis. If you transfer the files to the virtual partition, then the files remain there only while the task is being executed.

You need to select each file that you want to transfer, and specify where to transfer it. There are three possible destinations: the Ghost Incoming directory, the boot partition, or a specified path.

Warning: Do not attempt to transfer files to the My Documents folder on the client computer in a file transfer task. If you want to move any files to the My Documents folder, use the Move the User feature. Move the User automatically handles the directory mapping required.

Moving the user

Note: You may want to hide the folders that contain transferred files on the client computers to prevent the computer users from accessing them. To hide a folder, you need to add the following command to the Command tab in the file transfer task:

"attrib" +h [pathname]

where [pathname] is the full path and name of the folder that you want to hide, and the target of the command is the Target OS of the client computer.

To set File Transfer properties