Setting Configuration properties

The Configuration step lets you apply configuration settings to client computers.

There are three ways to do this:

The default configuration settings are read from each computer when it first connects to the Symantec Ghost Console. You can view and edit these settings in the computer's Properties window.

Maintaining the default client configuration settings

This applies the same configuration settings to each computer in the target group. Any computer-specific settings, such as the computer name or IP address, are adjusted automatically to ensure they are unique.

This applies a configuration set to each computer in the target group. You can choose which configuration set to apply to each computer.

If the target of the task is a dynamic machine group, the target computers are not identified until the task is run, so you cannot assign custom configuration sets. You must apply a template or the default configuration settings.

Custom and template configuration sets may not contain all the settings required. You can fill any gaps from the default configuration set for each computer, or you can preserve the configuration settings that are currently on each computer.

Note: If you use the default configuration set to fill gaps in a custom or template configuration set, you must run a configuration refresh task to update the default configuration for each computer before you run the configuration task.

To check the Configuration settings before running the task, view the task scenario.

Viewing task details

To set configuration properties