Setting up a Deploy AI Package task

You deploy AI packages to client computers by running a Deploy AI Package task from the Symantec Ghost Console. When you set up the task, you select the target computers, and specify which AI packages to install and uninstall.

You may not be able to uninstall all the AI packages that you have installed. There are two cases where you cannot uninstall an AI package:

When each package is built, you have the option to include an Uninstall command. If you do not include this command, you cannot uninstall the package in a Deploy AI Package task. If you want to check whether or not a package includes an Uninstall command, open the package with AI Builder and view its contents.

The new package cannot uninstall any software that was installed with the package prior to the rebuild. The application checks the GUID to ensure that the same package is used to uninstall software as the one used to install it.

If an AI package does not include an Uninstall command, or if the package has been rebuilt with a new GUID, you must use some other means to uninstall the software from the client computers.

To set up a Deploy AI Package task