About reviewing with Discovery Accelerator

After you have performed a search and gathered together the potentially relevant items, selected individuals can review the search results. These reviewers read each item, select the appropriate status mark to assign to it, and add a comment as necessary. Items can be reviewed more than once, and other reviewers can add more comments or change the assigned mark.

Some items may have extra marks, called tags, from which you can choose. These tags are available at the bottom of the Review pane and are usually set up especially in response to questions from a judge.

You must have the Review permission to review items.

To access the Review pane

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About the Review pane

Filtering the items in the Review pane

Changing how the Review pane looks

Setting your Review pane preferences

Finding all items in the same conversation

Viewing the history of items

Displaying printable versions of items

Assigning review marks and tags to items

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