Finding all items in the same conversation

In cases that are enabled for analytics, Discovery Accelerator analyzes the items in the case as it retrieves the data. Once this analysis is complete, you can easily find all the items that have the same subject line as the current one.

Conversation analysis is based primarily on the subject of the mail items, but also includes other mail attributes that define a conversation. For the purpose of conversation analysis, mail subjects are normalized to remove prefixes that are added by email clients. For example, RE:, Re:, Fwd:, and Antwort: are removed. After normalization, messages must have identical subjects to be considered part of the same conversation.

For any messages generated by Outlook 2003 or later, conversation analysis can also construct a conversation hierarchy. Items from Outlook clients earlier than Outlook 2003 are simply grouped in a flat list.

Conversation analysis may find many conversations with a frequently used email subject such as "Hello". In this case, the Conversation window shows all the results, from multiple conversations, each with its own top-level item in the hierarchy. The conversation can display up to 1,000 top-level items in the hierarchy.

To find all items in the same conversation

  1. In the Review pane, select an item for which you want to find all the related items.

  2. Right-click the item, and then click View conversation.

    Discovery Accelerator lists the related items in a separate Conversation window. The items are sorted by sender or date and, where possible, by their place in the item hierarchy. Unreviewed items are shown in bold.


    The Conversation window may not show all the items in a conversation until the retrieval of analytics data is complete for the case or folder. Even when the retrieval of analytics data is complete, Discovery Accelerator does not include in the results of conversation analysis any items for which it failed to retrieve such data.

  3. Use the facilities in the Conversation window to apply marks and tags to the items, display printable versions of the items, and download or copy them.

More Information

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