About the predefined Discovery Accelerator roles

You assign roles to users to determine what they can access and the activities that they can perform in Discovery Accelerator. Some roles are effective at the application level, across the entire Discovery Accelerator system, whereas others apply at the case level or folder level only.

When a case is created, only its owner can access it. Other users do not see the case until the owner grants at least one permission that is related to it. Discovery Accelerator roles provide a logical way to group multiple specific permissions according to job function.

Table: Predefined roles describes the predefined roles that come with Discovery Accelerator. If none of these roles precisely meets your needs, you can create your own.

Table: Predefined roles



Default permissions

Case Administrator

This role lets you perform administrative activities within a specific case. These activities include case management and role assignment.

  • Configure Case Properties.

  • Role Assignment.

Discovery System Admin

This role lets you perform all administrative activities within Discovery Accelerator. You can create and manage cases, assign application-wide roles to users, and import configuration data from XML files.

  • Create and Configure Cases.

  • Export Configuration Data.

  • Import Configuration Data.

  • Manage Administration Security.

  • Manage Archives.

  • Manage Global Target and Target Groups.

  • Manage Marks.

  • Manage Roles.

  • Manage Schedules.

  • Manage Search Attributes.

  • Modify System Configuration.

  • Monitor Search.

  • View System Configuration.

Folder Capture Messages

This role lets you search for new items to add to a research folder.

  • Search.

Folder Export

This role lets you export or produce items from a research folder for offline review.

  • Production.

Folder Full Control

This role lets you search for new items to add to a research folder, review them, and export or produce them for offline review.

You can also give other users access to your folder so that they can participate in the review process.

  • Assign.

  • Configure Folder Properties.

  • Delete Folder.

  • Manage Analytics.

  • Manage Automatic Categorization.

  • Production.

  • Review.

  • Role Assignment.

  • Search.

Folder Review

This role lets you review and mark the items in a research folder.

  • Review.

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