About the Discovery Accelerator permissions

The following tables provide more information on the permissions that you can associate with user roles.

Table: Application permissions



Allow Archive Selection in Research Folder

Select the vault stores and archives to use when you conduct a search in a research folder.

Copy Research Items

Copy the items from a research folder to the case review set.

Create and Configure Cases

Create new cases and assign owners to them, and edit the properties of existing cases.

Create Research Folder

Set up research folders that are not linked to any case.

Delete Case

Delete the selected cases and all the objects that are associated with them (case-specific searches, user folders, targets and target groups, and so on).

Export Configuration Data

Use the ImportExport command-line utility to export configuration data from the Discovery Accelerator database to an XML file.

See the Installation Guide for information on the ImportExport utility.

Export Research Items

Export the items in a research folder for offline review.

Import Configuration Data

Load configuration data into the Discovery Accelerator database from an XML file, and view the import log.

Manage Administration Security

Assign application-wide roles to users. However, application administrators cannot assign case roles to users, as only case administrators can assign these roles.

Manage Archives

Customize the list of Enterprise Vault archives in which Discovery Accelerator searches for items. You can also choose to hide selected vault stores from case administrators so that they cannot conduct searches of the archives in those vault stores.

Manage Global Target and Target Groups

Create, edit, and delete application-wide targets and target groups. These provide a shorthand way to supply multiple email addresses when you define the criteria for a search.

Manage Marks

Create and edit the marks that are available to all cases. However, this permission does not give access to the marks that are created in a case.

Manage Roles

Add and remove application and case roles, and select the permissions to assign to each role.

Manage Schedules

Create, edit, and delete schedules, with which you can define when a future search or recurrent search is to run.

Manage Search Attributes

Make additional, customized attributes available for searches.

Modify System Configuration

Change the Discovery Accelerator system properties. You can also customize the appearance, performance, and functionality of Discovery Accelerator.

Monitor Search

Monitor the status of searches across all cases and pause and resubmit searches, even if you do not normally have access to the associated cases. However, you cannot view the search criteria or the results of the searches unless you normally have access permission.

Promote Research to Case

Convert a research folder into a case.

View System Configuration

View the Discovery Accelerator system properties and configuration options that determine the appearance, performance, and functionality of the application.

Table: Case and folder permissions




Assign the items in the case or research folder to individual reviewers.

Commit Reviewed Folder Messages

Add items from a research folder to the case review set. This permission requires the Perform Ad Hoc Searches permission.

Configure Case Properties

Change the properties of a case, such as its name, status, and owner.

Configure Folder Properties

Change the properties of folder, such as its name and export location.

Delete Case

Delete the current case and all the objects that are associated with it (case-specific searches, user folders, targets and target groups, and so on).

Delete Folder

Delete the research folders in which users have stored items for review.

Manage Analytics

Enable or disable the analytics feature in a case or folder. You can also pause or resume analytics.

Manage Archives

Set the list of archives in which to search.

Manage Automatic Categorization

Create, edit, and delete the analytics rules by which Discovery Accelerator applies marks and tags to items automatically.

Manage Legal Holds

Place holds on the items in a case to prevent users from deleting them.

Manage Marks/Tags

Select the review marks, tags, and tag groups that are available to reviewers in a case or research folder.

Manage Targets

Create, edit, and delete the email targets and target groups that you can include in the criteria of a search.

Perform Ad Hoc Searches

Possess the full research permissions to create, edit, and delete research folders, search for items to store in those folders, and review those items.


Undertake export runs and production runs.


Review items and assign marks and comments to them.

Role Assignment

Assign roles to users in a case.


Undertake searches for items to store in the review set.

Search Preview

Preview the results of a search before you accept them. This permission requires the Search permission.

Show Reviewer Summaries On Home Page

View a summary of reviewer activity on the start page of the application.

View Reports

Create and view reports.

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