Creating Discovery Accelerator roles

If none of the predefined roles provides the exact set of permissions that you want to assign to users, you can create your own roles.

You must have the Manage Roles permission to create roles. By default, users with the role of Discovery System Admin have this permission.

To create a role

  1. Click the Application tab in the Discovery Accelerator client, and then click the Roles tab.

  2. Click New at the top of the window.

  3. In the right pane, type a unique name and an optional description for the role.

    The role name can contain up to 50 characters. The description can contain up to 250 characters.

  4. In the Scope box, choose whether to make the permissions that are associated with the role effective throughout the application or at the case level only. Application roles grant permissions that are related to the overall structure and configuration of the entire customer database. Case roles grant permissions that are specific to the associated cases.

    Users with application roles can only perform tasks in a specific case if they have been assigned the appropriate roles in that case. To perform tasks in more than one case, the users must be assigned the appropriate role in every case that they need to access.

    The selection that you make determines the permissions that are available.

  5. Choose the permissions to associate with the role.

  6. Click Save.

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