About employees and employee groups

Compliance Accelerator provides a system for defining the employees that you want to monitor and grouping them in a structure that reflects the departments in your company. All employees require a Compliance Accelerator profile. Each employee profile comprises a number of properties, some of which correspond to Active Directory or Domino directory attributes. When configuring an employee profile, you can choose whether Compliance Accelerator should automatically synchronize these properties with the corresponding directory account information.

The quickest way to add a large number of employee profiles to Compliance Accelerator is to create an employee group. Then you can synchronize this group with the user account information held in Active Directory or a Domino directory, or a Windows or Domino group.

The roles that you assign to employees determine what they can access and the tasks that they can perform in Compliance Accelerator.

The messages of certain employees such as senior managers can be kept separate and reviewed by specially assigned reviewers. In the terminology of Compliance Accelerator, such employees are exception employees.

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