Specifying the Windows domains with which to synchronize employee details

You can specify multiple Windows domains with which Compliance Accelerator synchronizes the details of employees and employee groups. The domains also appear in the list from which you can choose when you add a new employee and browse for the corresponding Windows account.

You must have the Modify System Configuration permission to specify the Windows domains. By default, users with the application role of Compliance System Admin have this permission.

To specify the Windows domains with which to synchronize employee details

  1. Click the Configuration tab in the Compliance Accelerator client, and then click the Account Information tab.

  2. Click New at the top of the window.

  3. In the Domain Name (NETBIOS) box, type the NetBIOS name of the Active Directory domain.

  4. In the Enter the fully qualified domain names box, type any DNS fully qualified domain names that you want to map to the NetBIOS name.

  5. If you want to use a specific account when you connect to the domain, type the name and password of the account in the Account Information area.

    By default, when synchronizing with Active Directory, Compliance Accelerator uses the service account under which the Accelerator Manager service is running.

  6. To force Compliance Accelerator to use a specific server instead of attempting to find the global catalog automatically, check Use the following Global Catalog server and then specify the required server.

  7. Click Save.

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