Importing the predefined hotwords

Compliance Accelerator comes with several XML files that contain predefined hotwords and phrases: Hotwords (English).xml and Hotphrases (English).xml. Once you have imported these files into Compliance Accelerator, you can edit or delete the hotwords and add new ones.

For optimum performance, shorten the hotword list so that it contains only those words that interest you. Searching for every word in the predefined list greatly reduces the speed with which Compliance Accelerator undertakes searches.

To import the predefined hotwords

  1. Click the Configuration tab in the Compliance Accelerator client, and then click the Import Configuration tab.

  2. In the Configuration file box, type the full path to the XML file that you want to import, or click Browse and then choose the file to import. The path can contain up to 250 characters.

    Both the supplied files are typically in this folder on the Compliance Accelerator server:

    C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault Business Accelerator\AcceleratorAdminWeb\Installation

    You can specify a UNC path or NTFS path to the file if it is stored on a remote computer. For example:

    \\server2\EVBA\AcceleratorAdminWeb\Installation\Hotwords (English).xml

  3. If you want to clear the import information from previous imports before you proceed, check Clear log before import.

  4. Click Import.

    Compliance Accelerator imports the contents of the files as global hotwords and phrases, and creates the global hotword sets Default Hotwords and Default Hotphrases.

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