Media labeling

Media used in Backup Exec is identified by its media label. When new, blank, or unlabeled media is used during a backup operation, Backup Exec automatically labels the media. This label consists of a prefix that identifies the cartridge type, and an incrementing number. For example, if the media is a 4mm tape, then the prefix would be 4M, followed by 000001. The next media label generated for an unlabeled 4mm tape would be 4M000002, and so on.

You can allow the media label to be assigned automatically by Backup Exec, or you can specify a label prefix and number to be assigned for a type of media. For example, you can specify that all 4mm media that are entered for the first time into this installation of Backup Exec are labeled with a prefix of ACCT, and with numbering starting from 1000. You can specify another media type to be labeled with a prefix of FIN, and with numbering starting at 10,000. Customizing labels in this manner can help you recognize and organize media.

Another type of media label used by Backup Exec is the media ID, which is a unique label assigned by Backup Exec to individual media used in Backup Exec. The media ID is used internally by Backup Exec in order to keep statistics on each media. Because the media label or bar code label for media can be changed, Backup Exec must use the media ID, which cannot be changed or erased, to preserve continuity in record keeping for each individual media. The media ID has no effect on the media label, or on your ability to rename, label, or erase media.

At times, you may need to use the media ID to distinguish media that have duplicate media labels. Duplicate labels can be automatically generated in instances when Backup Exec is reinstalled or media from another Backup Exec installation is used. Use the media ID to distinguish between duplicate labels. You can view the media ID in a media's property page.

Write the media label on an external label fixed to the outside of the physical media. Whenever you change the media label, you should also change the external label to match.

The following methods are available in Backup Exec to change a media label:

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