Bar code labeling

If there is a bar code label on the physical cartridge, and the cartridge is in a robotic library that has a bar code reader, the bar code label automatically becomes the media label.

You can change the media label in Backup Exec, but as long as the media has a bar code label that can be read, the bar code label takes precedence over the media label. To use the media label you entered using Backup Exec, you must remove the physical bar code label from the media cartridge, or use the media in a device without a bar code reader.

For example, Robotic Library 1 has bar code support. During a backup operation, Backup Exec requests a new or overwritable media for the operation. A new media with the bar code label 'ABCD' is inserted in the robotic library magazine and the bar code reader scans the bar code ID on the media label. Backup Exec selects this media for the operation and detects that a bar code label has been assigned to the media. Backup Exec automatically uses the bar code label and continues the operation.

When you change magazines or insert new media in a magazine, use the Scan option to quickly update slot information.

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