Viewing general media properties

You can view the properties for a piece of media.

To view media properties

  1. On the navigation bar, click Media.

  2. Expand the All Media icon, and then select the media that you want to view.

  3. Under General Tasks on the task pane, click Properties.

    The General Media Properties tab provides the following information:

    Media label

    Media label that was assigned automatically by Backup Exec, or that was assigned or changed by the administrator, or that was a pre-assigned bar code label.

    You can edit the media label, which is limited to 32 characters. Editing the label changes the name of the media in the display, but does not write the new label to the media until an overwrite operation occurs. When you edit a media label, try to make it a concise identifier that will remain constant even when the media is reused. You should write this media label on a label fixed to the outside of the physical media.

    Duplicate labels can be automatically generated. For example, reinstalling Backup Exec or bringing media from another Backup Exec installation could cause duplication in labels. Duplicate labels are allowed, but not recommended.

    If a bar code is available, and a bar code-equipped device is used, then the media label automatically defaults to that bar code.


    By default, displays the original media label if the media is imported media.

    You can edit the media description, which is limited to 128 characters, to make it a more descriptive label.

    Media type

    Media type and subtype (if available). Click the button next to the field to change the media type or subtype.

    Export pending

    When a template runs that has an associated export template to export this media, Yes is displayed; otherwise, No is displayed.

    See Adding an export media template to a policy.

    Media set

    Name of the media set this media belongs to.

    Media location

    Name of the device or vault where this media is located.

    Creation date

    Date and time when the media was first entered into Backup Exec.

    Allocated date

    Date and time when the media was added to a media set as a result of an overwrite operation.

    Modified date

    Date and time when data was last written to the media.

    Overwrite protection until

    Date and time after which the media can be overwritten.

    Appendable until

    Date and time after which the media can no longer be appended to.

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