Labeling media

Use Label media to immediately write a new media label on the media in the selected drive. This operation destroys any data on the media. To change the media label without destroying the data on the media (until an overwrite operation occurs), use Rename.


Media that use bar code labels cannot be renamed. When you run label media jobs against the pieces of media that use bar code labels, the job logs report successfully completed jobs. However, the media label names do not change.

To label media

  1. On the navigation bar, click Devices.

  2. Expand the server icon, click Stand-alone Drives, or if the drive is attached to a robotic library, click Robotic Libraries.

  3. Select the drive or slot containing the media you want to label.

  4. Under Media Tasks on the task pane, select Label media.

    The following warning is displayed:

    "This operation will be performed on the current media in the drive or slot. If the media has been changed since the last inventory operation was performed, the media label in the next dialog may not match the media in the drive or slot selected."

  5. Click OK.

  6. Type the name you want to use as the recorded media label for this media.

  7. Click OK to erase all data on the media and re-label the media.

  8. Select the appropriate options as follows:

    Job name

    Type a name for the job or accept the default name.

    Job priority

    Select the priority for the job.

    Available options are as follows:

    • Lowest

    • Low

    • Medium

    • High

    • Highest

  9. If you want a person or group to be notified when the job completes, on the Properties pane, under Settings, click Notification and select the options you want.

    See Assigning notification recipients for completed jobs.

  10. Click Run now.

    The job will be submitted as a Run now job, unless you submitted the job on hold. You can monitor the Label media operation from the Job Monitor.

    You cannot cancel a Label media operation after it has started; however, you can use Cancel to stop a queued Label media operation.

  11. Write this same media label on an external label fixed to the outside of the physical media.

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