About installing the Backup Exec Desktop and Laptop Option

The DLO Administration Console is installed as a separate add-on component of Backup Exec for Windows Servers. The Backup Exec media server and any Storage Locations must be in a Windows Domain or Active Directory. Novell E-Directory, NIS+ and other non-Windows Domain or Active Directory authentication schemes are not supported.

After you install the Administration Console, you can install the Desktop Agent or direct the desktop users on how to install it. Computers that run the Desktop Agent can be outside of a Windows Domain or Active Directory. However, they must authenticate with the domain or directory to access the media server or Storage Locations.

When you install DLO from the Backup Exec installation CD, the Desktop Agent install set is created on the Backup Exec media server. The install set is located in a directory that is shared and available by a UNC path.

If you install DLO after Backup Exec has been clustered, you must run the cluster configuration wizard again. Backup Exec can then determine that DLO is present and can reconfigure the Backup Exec group to account for it.

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