How to deploy the Desktop Agent

You can deploy the Desktop Agent from the Desktop Agent install share to the desktop computer in the following ways.

Table: Desktop Agent deployment methods

Deployment Methods



Push-install the Desktop Agent by using the Backup Exec installer.

After a push-install of the Desktop Agent, it may take up to two minutes for the Desktop Agent to start on the desktop computer.

To push-install DLO to a computer that runs Windows XP with the Windows Firewall enabled, File and Print Sharing must be enabled on the desktop computer. File and Print Sharing is configured in the Windows Firewall Exceptions tab.


Send a hypertext link to the install files or include the install files as an attachment.

Web page

Place the install files on your company's intranet.

Logon scripts

Create a file that includes commands for installing the Desktop Agent. Then assign the script to the User Properties for the employees who need to use DLO. The commands are executed automatically when the user logs on to the network. For more information about logon scripts, refer to your Microsoft Windows documentation.

Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS)

Use this automated system to distribute the Desktop Agent install set to the desktop computers, which then initiate the installation. For more information about SMS, refer to your Microsoft documentation.


To distribute the Desktop Agent installation files on a CD-ROM, place the contents of the \\media server\DLO Agent share on the CD-ROM. Users can then run setup.exe from the CD-ROM. The installed Desktop Agent is correctly associated with the media server.

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