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Using an advertising service vendor

Advertising service vendors are companies that provide advertisements to Web sites, including streaming media advertisements. If you choose to use an advertising service vendor, you must specify the URL of the advertising service vendor's server at the point in the playlist where you want the ad to appear.

Additionally, many content producers use content delivery networks (CDNs) to distribute their content to users rather than using their own servers to stream the content. CDNs are content providers that own Web servers and networks. They host content from content producers and distribute it to users. CDNs often have existing relationships with advertising service vendors to obtain advertising content that they can then incorporate into the Web sites they manage in order to generate revenue. If you decide to use a CDN to distribute advertising content, you will either need to give the CDN the ability to modify your playlist or obtain the relevant advertising vendor information from the CDN before you post your content to their network.

Regardless of whether you are distributing the content from your server or using a CDN, Windows Media Services can stream advertisements from an advertising service vendor using the following methods:

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