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smil element

The smil element is the root element of the playlist file. Its primary purpose is to identify that the playlist is based upon Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL). Additionally, a smil element has the same function as a seq element, meaning that its child elements are played sequentially.

The following example shows a simple playlist with two media elements:

<?wsx version="1.0"?>
	<media src="Song1.wma" />
	<media src="Song2.wma" />


Attributes define the properties of a playlist element. You can use the following optional attributes with a smil element.

Name Description
begin Specifies the when the smil element becomes active. For more information, see begin attribute.
dur Specifies the duration of the element. For more information, see dur attribute.
end Specifies when the smil element becomes inactive. For more information, see end attribute.
syncEvent Specifies a string that triggers the beginning or end of an element in a wrapper playlist. For more information, see syncEvent attribute.
id Specifies a name for the smil element that can be referenced by other elements or playlists. For more information, see id attribute.
repeatCount Specifies the number of times the playlist (all the elements within the smil element) repeats before stopping. If no value is specified, the playlist is played once. For more information, see repeatCount attribute.
repeatDur Specifies the length of time that the playlist repeats before stopping. For more information, see repeatDur attribute.

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