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dur attribute

The dur attribute specifies the length of time that an element plays.

Typically, the dur attribute is used to play back a shorter segment of a media element. For example, you could play 30 seconds from the middle of a 10-minute video file by using a dur attribute value of 30s and entering a clipBegin attribute value of 5:00. If you enter a dur attribute value that extends beyond the end of a media element, for example a dur value of 30s for a 20-second file, the value of the dur attribute is ignored.

If a dur value is specified for a time container element, the child elements can only play back during that amount of time. For example, if you specify a dur value of 2:00 for the smil element, the playlist plays back for two minutes and then stops.

In the following example, three media elements are child elements of an excl time container element. The media element named Logo plays first, because it has a begin value of 0s, and continues for a duration of 10 seconds. Billboard begins when Logo ends. Billboard starts playing 7 seconds into the file Bboard.wmv and continues to play for 10 seconds. Finally, Program plays back for two minutes 30 seconds.

<?wsx version="1.0"?>
	<media id="Logo" src="Logo.wmv" begin="0s" dur="10s"/>
	<media id="Billboard" src="Bboard.wmv" begin="Logo.end"
	 clipBegin="7s" dur="10s"/>
	<media id="Program" src="Prg.wmv" begin="Billboard.end" dur="2:30"/>

The dur attribute supports offset values. For information about valid time formats, see Time formats. For more information about the offset value, see Timing values.

The dur attribute can be specified for the following playlist elements:

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