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id attribute

The id attribute can be used to apply a name to an element so that it can be referenced by another element in the playlist. You can use the id attribute to add an identifier to any element, but it is most useful for identifying media elements. The id attribute is used to identify an element as a SyncBase for timing and synchronization purposes.

In the following example, id attributes are used with begin attributes to control playback:

<?wsx version='1.0'?>
		<media id="Music1" src="14442A.wma" begin="0s"/>
		<media id="Music2" src="65563B.wma" begin="Music1.end"/>

The id of the first element is used to identify it as a SyncBase in the begin value of the second element. In this example, Music2 begins at the point at which Music1 ends (Music1.end). In addition to its value for referencing elements, the id attribute can also be used simply to make a playlist easier to read.

Each value for the id attribute must be a text string and should be unique within a playlist. For example, if you assign the value Introduction to the id attribute of a media element, you should not assign the value Introduction to the id attribute of any other element in that playlist. Numbers can be used within id attribute text strings, but they cannot be used as the first character of an id attribute value. For example, if 3media is used as a value, the id attribute is ignored. The string Media3 is valid, however.

The id attribute can be specified for the following playlist elements:

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