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About the Default publishing point

When you install Windows Media Services, a default on-demand publishing point is added to the server automatically. This publishing point uses the %systemdrive%\WMPub\WMRoot folder as the source for its content. For security reasons, the Default publishing point does not allow unicast connections by default. After you place files in the %systemdrive%\WMPub\WMRoot folder and allow unicast connections to the Default publishing point, you can begin streaming content. You can manage the Default publishing point in the same way you would manage any other publishing point on your server. For example, you can choose a different source of content, enable and disable plug-ins, and create announcement files for it.

The benefit of using the Default publishing point is that it allows users to access content on your server through a simplified URL. When streaming from an on-demand Default publishing point, the corresponding URL to receive the stream consists of the connection protocol, the Windows Media server name, and the file name (for example, mms://server_name/file_name). The publishing point does not need to be specified in the URL. If you are streaming from a broadcast Default publishing point, you also do not need to include the file name in your URL; for example, mms://server_name.

A Default publishing point is not necessary to the operation of the Windows Media server. To remove a default assignment from a publishing point, you only need to rename it. Once it has been renamed, you can assign a different publishing point as the default.

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