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Adding publishing points

The publishing points on your server are listed in the console tree. By clicking a publishing point in the list, you can modify or view its settings in the details pane. By clicking Publishing Points in the console tree, you can view a list of all existing publishing points in the details pane. You can also perform basic tasks such as adding, configuring, and removing publishing points.

When you install Windows Media Services, a broadcast and an on-demand publishing point are set up automatically. You can use these initial publishing points as they are provided, modify them to suit your needs, or remove them and add your own publishing points. The on-demand publishing point is designated as the default. A client connecting to a Windows Media server typically must use the server and publishing point names as part of the address. If no publishing point name is given, the Windows Media server will direct the request to the Default publishing point.

The following information is required to add a publishing point:

Windows Media Services provides two methods for adding a publishing point: the Add Publishing Point Wizard and the Add Publishing Point (Advanced) dialog box. In addition to gathering this primary information, the wizard also helps you configure the publishing point. For example, with the wizard, you can create an announcement file, create a wrapper playlist, add media elements to a playlist and immediately start a broadcast publishing point after the wizard finishes. For advanced users, the Add Publishing Point (Advanced) dialog box can be a faster alternative to the wizard when you are creating simple publishing points. For more information about announcement files, see Streaming from publishing points.

After adding a publishing point, you can configure publishing point properties, and modify your publishing point settings further. The Monitor, Source, Advertisement, Publish, and Properties tabs contain the tools with which you can make modifications and view settings. For more information, see Configuring publishing points.

You can also perform the following tasks with publishing points:

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