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A user can use the Desktop Configuration tool (RapiConfig.exe) to download the provisioning XML file from the desktop to a device.

Security roles can impact the configuration result. For information on role-based access control, see OMA Client Provisioning Security Best Practices.

The following graphic illustrates how you can add XML onto a device by using RapiConfig.exe.

To add XML to a device by using Remote API (RAPI) and ActiveSync

  1. Connect the device to a desktop computer.

  2. On the desktop computer, open a command window to the Tools directory of the SDK.

  3. Run the following command:

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    rapiconfig <provisioning.xml>

    Provisioning the device is now complete.

After the file is loaded to the device, Configuration Manager is called to process the configuration. If the provisioning file includes any queries, the Configuration Manager returns data that is saved in the same directory as RapiConfig.exe, in a file titled RapiConfigOut.xml. For more information on querying settings, see Query XML Example.

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