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RapiConfig.exe is a desktop configuration tool that allows execution of provisioning XML on a Windows Mobile device that is connected to a desktop computer.

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RAPICONFIG [/M] [/P] filename



Return metadata


Process XML. Required, if Rapiconfig.exe sends configuration XML to the device.


Specifies XML configuration document


This version of Rapiconfig.exe is located in the tools directory of the SDK for Windows Mobile 6.5. Either the mobile operator or the corporate manager can use this tool to configure the device. For example, to provision a device, you would type rapiconfig <provisioning.xml>. For information about provisioning a device using this tool, see Adding XML by using the Desktop Configuration Tool.

As of Windows Mobile Version 5.0, if you enable Normal mode on Windows Mobile PDAs by performing an action such as locking the device, you can use RapiConfig.exe to change it back to Privileged mode. If you change the Grant Manager Role from USER_AUTH to MANAGER, and then enable Normal mode, you can no longer change it back to Privileged mode using Rapiconfig.exe.


RapiConfig uses RAPI APIs to perform operations on the device. RAPI calls will fail if the device has been configured to run in Restricted security mode, and therefore the RapiConfig tool will not function properly. For more information on RAPI security modes, see Security Policy Settings.


Occasionally RapiConfig might return a device-specific error code. The following table shows the error codes that RapiConfig might return.

Value Description


Another instance of the configuration management service is currently running.


Waiting for the session to be timed out.


No metabase entry was found.


An exception occured in one of the Configuration Service Providers.


A configuration management service failed to roll back properly. The affected settings might be in an unknown state.


The XML input is invalid or malformed.

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