Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  

Playback Methods and Properties

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The Microsoft Windows Media Player control supports several attributes for manipulating playback of content.


The Windows Media Player control provides two techniques for specifying the media title ( clip) to be played: Setting the FileNameproperty, or calling the Openmethod.

Once either of the above steps is taken, what happens next depends on the AutoStartproperty. If AutoStart is true, the desired clip begins to play when the FileName property is set to the URL of that clip. If AutoStart is false, playback does not start until the Playmethod is called.

The Openmethod opens a file asynchronously; it returns from the call immediately. This is unlike setting the FileName property that does not return control to your program until the file is open. If the file must be downloaded, setting the FileNameproperty will only wait until the file begins to download, not when it ends downloading.

The Windows Media Player control provides the following VCR-like attributes for controlling stream playback: