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Qfixapp.exe: Quick Fix Application

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This GUI tool provides an interface for determining which combination of fixes will resolve an application compatibility problem for a selected executable (.exe) file. When your target file has a common name (for example, setup.exe), QFixApp provides the ability to identify a file using file properties and matching file information. This ensures that fixes are applied to the correct file. Once you have uniquely identified a target file, use QFixApp to identify which combinations of fixes allow that application to work on Windows XP.

Use CompatAdmin to create an SDB package to deploy your fix to other target computers.

Corresponding UI

QFixApp provides its own user interface. See QFixApp UI for more information.


Applications that worked on earlier versions of Windows may fail to function properly on Windows XP. There are several reasons that this may happen:

System Requirements

The following are the system requirements for QFixApp:

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