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Compatadmin.exe: Compatibility Administration Tool

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This GUI tool provides an interface for browsing and editing the Windows XP Professional compatibility fix database as well as creating custom .sdb fixes that can be deployed to other users. CompatAdmin also provides a search capability that will locate fixed applications on a system or networked drives.

Each phase of changing access control can take a day or longer to complete and verify, and requires significant amounts of system resources and administrator time.

You can use CompatAdmin to test and apply one or more of the 139 fixes available in the operating system, although QFixApp offers a superior interface for testing and applying fixes.

Corresponding UI

CompatAdmin provides its own user interface. For more information, see CompatAdmin UI.


Applications that worked on earlier versions of Windows may fail to function properly on Windows XP Professional. There are several reasons that this may happen:

System Requirements

The following are the system requirements for CompatAdmin:

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